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Glass Shower Screens

Glass Shower Screens - Get Great Views!

Whether you are looking for Frameless, Semi-Frameless or Framed Glass Shower screens, one thing is for sure, your bathroom will stand out from your neighbourhood while making your visitors jealous. The sheer beauty of brand new Glass showerscreens and the nice feeling that they will provide is enough reason to either buy a completely new one or re model the current one. Let us look at the different types in a bit more detail. Frameless Showerscreens are the ultimate style and luxury bathroom design. Their clean lines with the uninterrupted view makes them aesthetically pleasing in any home or business bathroom.  Framed glass showerscreens are created to give the screens great form and structure to hold the unit properly and securely in its bathroom area or space. All the glass showerscreens can be customized to an individual personalized design to give every bathroom its own style. They also come in many thickness's and finishes. Just ask your glazier or shower screen provider. When it comes to semi-frameles shower screens they have their own appeal. They are very practical and have a minimal water leakage from the shower unit. It normally has a very streamlined design which has other added functionality. The overlap pivot door makes the design elegant with a beautiful looking style that will enhance any bathroom.


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