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The Significance of Glass Today

The Stone Age man first used volcanic glass, also known as obsidian, for making sharp tools. Obsidian was a rare commodity and was known to widely be traded across continents. After civilizations learnt to make glass out of silica, glass has become one of the most important materials in construction, architecture and interior designs.

There are many types of glass with specific properties of strength, texture and clarity. It is not uncommon to get glass designed for custom purposes and shaped as per its envisioned outcome. All these glasses vary according to three parameters.


The shattering of glass is a dramatic display and the imagery has been used as metaphors in many poems, plays, TV dramas and movies. However, toughened glass can be so strong that even a bullet would cause no damage to it. Whereas glass installed for fire safety is apt to stay intact until broken for emergency. One can now come across a lot of buildings all lined with safety glass as well as with glass balustrades in balconies.

Texture and Clarity

There are many types of textured glass and they all can be modified and made according to a buyer’s needs.

A few of these categories are:

  • Tinted glass
  • Colored glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Clear glass

Glass for All Needs

Glass suppliers provide various types of glasses such as construction, architecture, beautification, mirrors, etc. They can cut it to a specified size and shape. Fences, parapets and balustrades made of glass add a modernistic feeling to homes and buildings.

Glass is not only restricted to windows in homes. Some people are even known to use glass for flooring and in furniture. Glass paneled wardrobes and shelves, shower glass and partitions add a graceful appeal to homes and offices. The use of glass in interiors, gives the illusion of expanded space.

While the use of glass has historically changed from being attached to tools to now a vital part of construction, it has always been a well traded commodity. The key raw material, silica is readily available and is easy to crystallize to form glass.

Importance of Glass

Glass increases transparency. It enables people to have great views at great heights. Glass elevators are not just a fictional element of Roald Dahl’s books, but have become a rage. Climbing up or down them is a thrilling experience and one must try it.

Glass also has the unique property to trap heat. It is due to this property that greenhouses are made of glass. In cold countries like Germany glass not only helps facilitate natural light, but also reduces the cost of heating considerably.

Glass can be used for many innovative purposes and it has the flexibility to mould itself to suit specific consumer needs. If you are in need of a glass replacement, glass fitting or you require it for a specific purpose feel free to contact a glass supplier. A worthy supplier would never disappoint you.

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